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Animals and their Homes Names | Homes of Animals:- As we all know every living being on this planet needs to protect itself in order to preserve its existence. They not only protect themselves from their enemies but also protect themselves from natural calamities like heat, heavy rain, cold, storms, hurricanes, floods, etc.


The basic need for all living beings is shelter/home. Homes of animals meet their basic needs and they can feel safer, more comfortable, and more peaceful than any other place on this planet.

Some animals like to live in groups while some like to live alone. In the same way, they have places where they live, sleep, and feel more comfortable and secure. They construct homes or shelters to protect their families from external threats and natural consequences such as cold, and rain.

What is the home of animals?

A home of animals is a living place of animals where animals feel safe, rest, and live comfortably, it is called a habitat. It is an environment where animals fulfill their basic needs such as food, water, shelter, and a safe resting place.

Some animals work in groups to make homes according to their needs, but there are some animals that do not make homes for themselves. There are animals like monkeys that live on trees.

Why Do Animals Need a Home?

Every animal needs a home/shelter to protect itself from predators and natural calamities like heavy rains, floods, forest fires, landslides, storms, etc.

They need a better place where they can lay eggs and keep them safe. Homes of animals give animals a safe and comfortable environment where they feel more secure.

Here in this article, we have compiled a list of names of animals and their homes name. This information will be very useful for you to increase your knowledge and make you active in your awareness about animals.

List of Animals and their Homes Names

Here below we have given the list of animals and their houses where they live comfortably.

Sr. No Names of Animals Animal Homes Name
01  Ant hill, hive, nest
02 Armadillo burrow
03 Alligator nest
04 Aardvark burrow, den
05 Bat roost, cave
 06 Badger hole, sett
07 Bear den, cave
08 Beaver beavery, lodge, burrow
09 Beetle land (tunnel)
10 Bee aviary, beehive, hive
11 Buffalo barn, byre, pasture, stable
12 Bull cattle shed
13 Camel desert
14 Cat cattery, den, lair
15 Cattle barn, byre, stable, pasture, 
16 Chimpanzee tree
17 Cheetah safari, savanna
18 Cockroach homes, sewers, privies
19 Cow shed, pen
20 Crocodile nest
21 Coyote lair
22 Deer grasslands, trees, and bushes
23 Dolphin dolphinarium
24 Dog kennel
25 Donkey barn, shed
26 Elephant dip wad, nest, jungle
27 Ferret cage
28 Fly cracks, crevasse
29 Fox burrow, hole
30 Fish aquarium, pond, vivary
31 Frog froggery, ranarium
32 Giraffe safari
33 Gerbil gerbilarium
34 Goat locker, pen
35 Gorilla nest
36 Grasshopper grassland
37 Guinea Pig hutch, cage
38 Hamster cage
39 Horse stable
40 Hornet hive
41 Hare burrow
42 Hippopotamus river banks
43 Hyena den
44 Koala tree
45 Kangaroo hollow tree
46 Lion den
47 Leopard safari, savanna
48 Llama hut
49 Mole burrow, fortres, tunnel
50 Man house
51 Monkey tree
52 Moose moosey land
53 Mouse mouse-hole
54 Otter couch, holt, lodge
55 Pig cote, pen, sty
56 Panda bamboo tree
57 Polar Bear hole, burrow
58 Porpoise sea, aquarium
59 Porcupine burrow, hollow trunk
60 Possum tree, forest
61 Raccoon burrow, den
62 Rabbit burrow, hole, hutch
63 Rat hole, nest
64 Rhinoceros savannah, wallow
65 Sheep cote or cot, fold, pen
66 Shark sea
67 Sea Lion nest
68 Snail snailery
69 Snake burrow, snakery, ophidarium
70 Spider web
71 Squirrel dray
72 Tiger lair
73 Turtle sea
74 Termite termitarium, mound
75 Viper burrow, hole
76 Wolf den, lair
77 Wasp cavity, nest
78 Wallaby hollow tree
79 Whale whalery
80 Wombat burrow
81 Yak hill, barn, mountain
82 Zebra safari, jungle, veldts

List of Birds and their Homes Name

Here below we have given the list of birds and homes of birds where they live comfortably.

Sr. No Names of Birds Birds Homes Name
01  Bird aviary, cage, nest
02 Bittern nest
03 Cock pen
04 Chicken coop
05 Crow nest
 06 Crest cupped
07 Dove columbarium, dovecot
08 Duck pond, nest
09 Egret platform
10 Eagle eyrie
11 Falcon scrape
12 Fowl coop
13 Flamingo mound
14 Goose water
15 Grouse nest
16 Hawk hawkery, mew
17 Hen coop
18 Horned Coot mound
19 Hummingbird cupped nest
20 Kinglet cupped nest
21 Nightingale nest
22 Osprey platform
23 Oriole pendant
24 Ostrich veldts
25 Owl barn on a tree, owlery
26 Penguin scrape nest, penguinery
27 Parrot cage, cavity nest
28 Puffbird burrow
29 Robins cupped nest
30 Rook  nest
31 Shorebird scrape nest
32 Sand Martin burrow
33 Sparrow nest
34 Swan swannery
35 Sunbird pendant
36 Tit cavity nest (natural)
37 Thick Billed Weaver scrape nest
38 Trogon cavity nest (made by them)
39 Vulture scrape nest
40 Weavers pendant
41 Woodpecker cavity nest (made by them)

Common Animals Home Name

Here below we have given some common animal house names. Let’s see:

  • Dog house name kennel
  • Horse house name stable
  • Henhouse’s name is Chicken Coop
  • Cow house name cowshed
  • Rabbit house name Hutch
  • Sheep house name flock shed
  • Lion house name Den
  • Cat house name cattery, lair, Den
  • Pig house name cote, pen, sty
  • Ant house name hill
  • Honey bee house name Hive
  • Goat house name locker, pen

Common Animals Homes Questions

Q. What is a cow home called?

Ans: Cow home is called Cow Barn

Q. What is the home of an elephant?

Ans: The home of the Elephant is called grasslands, savannas, and forests.

Q. What is Tiger House called?

Ans: The Tiger House is called a liar.

Q. What is called the home of a dog?

Ans: The home of the dog is called Kennel.

 Q. What is the home of a goat?

Ans: The goat home is called Pen

 Q. What is the home of a horse?

Ans: The home of horses called a Stable

Q. What is a sheep’s house called?

Ans: A sheep house is called a sheepfold

 Q. What is the home of a pig?

Ans: The home of the pig is called a cote/ pen

Final Words

We hope that now you have an idea about the different animals and their home’s names. The homes of animals play an important role in their survival and well-being.

As humans, it is our responsibility to respect and save rainforests and all animals with their homes whether by preserving natural animal homes or creating artificial homes, to ensure that these important animal species continue to thrive in the wild.

Ultimately, animals and homes remind us of the existence of the incredible diversity and beauty of life on our planet.

If you have any queries regarding this post, please feel free to ask in the comment section below,

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions about animals and their home’s names along with their answers. This section will help you to solve your common queries.

Q. Which animal carries its home with it?

Answer: There are many animals that carry their house everywhere such as snails, turtles, and crabs because these animals have a soft inner part and a hard outer shell for protection.

Q. What is home to many animals?

Answer: As we know most animals live in the forest. The forest is the living place of these animals where they find a safe place and live comfortably there.

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