Top 5 Good Starter Pets for 10 Year Olds 2024

If you have kids who are asking you to bring them a pet? If so, then in this post we have put together a list of good beginner pets for 10-year-olds. With the help of this list, you can easily choose good starter pets for 10 year olds and it will bring tons of fun to the whole family.

good starter pets for 10 year olds
Good Starter Pets for 10 Year Olds

Taking care of pets can teach children a lot of responsibility. especially if you teach your child to take care of the pet on their own. A good relationship with pets can help children develop trusting relationships with others and can also help them develop non-verbal communication and sympathy. 

As every pet is unique. For that you need to do research about the pet you are planning to bring home. You need to understand its character, overall health requirements, taking pets care of, and how it interacts with children. A well-chosen perfect pet can bring lots of fun and joy to the whole family.

Good Starter Pets for 10 Year Olds

Here is a list of good beginner pets for your 10 year old. Must read this post, it will surely provide you with some useful information to bring home a perfect pet that can make kids happier.

1. Dogs

dog pic

Dogs are one of the most popular pets that we’ve kept at the top of our list of the best starter pets for 10 year olds. Dogs require a lot of attention, but taking them on walks and to the park is really fun. They are very affectionate. Also, they can quickly form a bond with their owners. They require a proper nutritional diet, need to take good care, and have regular vet checkups to stay healthy and happy.

Dogs are very honest and loyal to their owner. They also provide protection to the owners. Overall, dogs are really good starter pets for 10 year olds.

2. Cats


Cat is another one of the best starter pets for 10 year old. If you considering a kitten as a pet in your family, keep in mind that they will need some adjustments, although they are very playful, energetic, and affectionate. Cats don’t require a lot of attention, so this can be a good thing for some people.

Most cats can become very friendly pets and are adored by many children, thus they can quickly form a strong bond with young children.

3. Guinea Pigs


Guinea pigs are good starter pets for 10 year olds. Because in general, guinea pigs do not bite or scratch. They are quite safe for small children. They are very affectionate.

Most children get deeply attached to these pets. They can be very noisy. They are quiet at night but during the day they squeal a lot, especially when they see you. Although it is entirely up to you whether you want a pet that is very quiet or you are okay with a little noise.

They require a very simple cage. They also need nutritious food and regular health check-ups to stay healthy and happy.

4. Rabbits


Rabbits are great pets for young children because they are relatively low-maintenance pets and can be a great way to teach responsibility. They are also gentle creatures and can be very affectionate. However, it’s important to remember that rabbits are not toys and should be treated with respect and care.

Overall, having a rabbit as a pet can be a great experience for young children, as long as they are taught how to properly care for and interact with the rabbit.

5. Hamster


Hamsters can make the best starter pets for kids, they are small, easy to take of, and can be very playful and affectionate. They provide several hours of fun and entertainment for kids. They are also relatively inexpensive and can be kept in a cage in a child’s bedroom.

However, it is very important for children to learn the responsibility of caring for a pet, including how to properly handle and care for your hamster, as they can easily get injured if they are not handled properly. So parents should supervise their children when they are interacting with the hamster, and teach them to how to hold and care for the pet. Most kids form a strong bond with the hamsters.


We hope this article will help you choose the right pet for your kids and family and will be an excellent resource that will bring happiness to the family.

Before bringing a new pet into your home, you and your children should understand the need for a pet and the responsibility of taking care of a pet. In addition, depending on the type of pet, you may also need to provide for specific needs such as nutritional foods, grooming, training, exercise, or veterinary care.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What pet should get for a 10-year-old?

Guinea pigs, turtles, rabbits, and cats can become early pets for children. You can teach your child to take care of pets under your supervision so that they can take good care of pets and feed them only as per their requirement.

Q. What is a good first pet for a child?

Rabbits can be a great first pet for children. They are adorable little creatures that are a great way to teach your child how to care for the animals in your child’s life.

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