Do Guinea Pigs Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

If you have recently brought a guinea pig into your home as a new pet. Then you may be wondering whether your guinea pigs sleep at all. if they sleep do guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open or closed And how do you know if they are sleeping?


There are many amazing things to love about this cute animal and many people love them for this reason, making them a favourite among all other pets. However, most guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open and this can be very scary to some people if one is not already aware of this.

Guinea pigs have an amazing ability to sleep with their eyes open. This provides them protection and more comfort from any possible threat. So, here in this guide, you’ll get to know everything do guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open or closed? and how long do guinea pig sleeps and what you should do if he isn’t getting the sleep he needs.

Do Guinea Pigs Sleep With Their Eyes Open or Closed?

Like other animals, the guinea pig is also one of the few animals that sleep with their eyes open. Because they have to be more careful and attentive. As they are prey animals. So there remains a potential threat of predatory animals on them.

Sometimes they may sleep with one eye closed or with their eyes partially closed. When they feel completely safe and comfortable in their environment, they close their eyes and take short power naps. But it is very rare when guinea pigs close their eyes while sleeping.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

In the wild, there is always a danger of predatory animals, so due to this many animals develop the habit of sleeping with their eyes open to protect themselves from predatory animals. With this, they understand the potential threat coming around them. And they may still have enough time to avoid danger. Being careful and attentive in the wild will increase their chances of survival.

In the wild, guinea pigs are at risk from predator animals such as wolves and hawks, as guinea pigs are very curious and smart animals. This is one of the reasons that’s why guinea pigs keep their eyes open instead of closing them when they are sleeping. So that they don’t miss any potential danger from predator animals.

They are always on the lookout for danger from predators, whenever they sleep with their eyes closed, and they can easily become prey to other predatory animals. So they prefer to sleep with their eyes open to know if there is any danger. Their open eyes give them protection and comfort from any possible threat from predators. This also makes them feel more safe and secure.

The very next question that comes into your mind is “My guinea pigs are not living in the wild. So there is no reason to keep their eyes open while sleeping. Why do they not close their eyes while sleeping and can feel relaxed?

But it’s not like that. Guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open, this became a habit and was passed on to the next generation of the species and now, when guinea pigs are domesticated, they are always alert and keep their eyes open even when sleeping.

One of the differences between guinea pigs and any other pets is their sleeping habits. New Guinea pigs may be more habitual to this habit than petted guinea pigs because they have never been petted before and because they do not feel safe and comfortable environment to falling asleep.

Guinea Pigs are the only single animals that sleep with Their Eyes open?

No, Guinea Pigs are not only the single animal that sleeps with their eyes open. There are many animals that also sleep with their eyes open.





Now you can see that guinea pigs are not only single animals that keep their eyes while sleeping. There are also many reasons why these animals also sleep with their open eyes.

Do Guinea Pigs Shut Their Eyes When They Sleep?

You rarely see guinea pigs sleeping with their eyes closed. They may close their eyes when they are completely comfortable feeling safe but remain very attentive and responsive to their surroundings

The reason behind their sleeping with their eyes open is that they are prey animals and are almost always on the lookout for every possible threat that may be on them. It is also completely normal for guinea pigs to sleep with their eyes open.

How Do you Know if Your Guinea Pig Sleeping or Not?

You usually don’t realize that your guinea pig is actually sleeping because they sleep with their eyes open. But If you carefully notice your guinea pigs relaxing during the day, they usually keep their eyes open while lying down, curled up in what seems like a sleeping position.

This is actually your guinea pigs sleeping. Although they close their eyes when they sleep when they feel safe and comfortable, it is very rare for them to close their eyes.

How Long Do Guinea Pigs Sleep?

It is very difficult to give an exact time that guinea pigs take to sleep, but they take power naps throughout the day with their eyes open. They sleep more normally once comfortable with their owner and environment.


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