Top 10 Cleanest Animals in the World (2024)

When you think of what are the cleanest animals in the world, cleanliness is not the first thing that comes to your mind. Because animals are creatures that spend their lives in a jungle filled with dirt, debris, and pests.

Cleanest Animals in the World

Our indoor homes and workplaces allow us to maintain lives that are apparently “clean”. This doesn’t mean that animals don’t have their own ways of keeping their living spaces clean and practicing personal hygiene.

Even animals that get dirty eventually clean themselves up. They themselves like to stay clean. So if you want to know more about what are the cleanest animals in the world then, here in this post, we have listed the cleanest animal in the world (2024) that have particularly clean instincts.

Let’s have a look at the list of neatest animal in the world:

What are the Cleanest Animals in the World?

Here below we have given a list of the what are the cleanest animal in the world:

1. Pigs


You never thought that pigs could be one of the cleanest animals? If you are hearing this for the first time then it may seem strange to you. But it’s absolutely true. Apart from humans, the pig is the cleanest animal in the world.

Pigs are naturally very clean animals. They are so neat that if given enough housing space. A pig never poops or pees in its eating area or sleeping area. They always stay away from both of these places.

Also, the reason why pigs wallow in mud is that pigs by nature are intolerant of high temperatures, they have little or no sweat glands and so they have to find alternative ways to cool their bodies.

2. Cats


Cats are one of the cleanest animals in the world. It doesn’t matter what kind of cat breed it is, whether it’s a wild cat or a domesticated cat, they spend most of their time regularly cleaning themselves. They like to lick their fur and groom themselves because they like to be clean.

Also, there is no need to take pet cats for outside walks like required for dogs. So you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty or wet when it’s raining outside.

3. Hamsters


Hamsters are one of the cleanest animals in the world after cats. They themselves like to be clean. They groom themselves by pulling and combing their fur. They manage to clean themselves very well.

Hamsters are a lot of fun to watch while they groom themselves. Hamsters look so cute when they start tugging their ears and cleaning the dirt behind and down their cheeks.

4. Polar Bears

polar bear

Polar bears are generally considered to be among the cleanest animals in the world. Living in the coldest climates, they need to perfectly clean themselves regularly to maintain the insulation and waterproofing properties of their fur.

Polar bears like to spend a lot of time in the water, and their thick fur coat protects their skin from getting wet. They also like to roll around in the water or roll in the snow to keep their fur clean.

5. Rabbits


Rabbits are very cute animals that like to keep themselves clean like other animals like pigs, polar bears, and cats. They do not like to defecate near the place where they eat or sleep.

They groom themselves with the help of their tongue and paws and keep themselves clean. They also maintain to clean their fur. Cleaning and staying clean is not always easy. But you will notice that rabbits keep themselves clean regularly.

6. Ants


Ants are also known for their cleanliness, as they live in highly organized colonies and work together to keep their living spaces regularly clean. They remove waste and dead bodies from their communal areas and also groom each other to remove dirt and parasites.

Ants lick their bodies with their oily saliva to keep themselves lubricated and clean. Ants give great priority to cleanliness as it affects the survival and well-being of their entire colony. That’s why ants always like to be clean.

7. Naked Mole Rats

Many people think of naked mole rats who spend their lives in underground filth so how can they be clean animals? But this is not the case, naked mole rats are animals that take many steps to keep themselves and their tunnel clean. They don’t have too much hair on their body.

8. Tigers


Tigers are carnivores and prefer to keep themselves clean like home cats. They use their tongues to remove loose hair and dirt from their fur. This also eliminates the risk of infection. They avoid bringing their food to their caves.

9. Dolphins

It is quite interesting to hear that an animal living in water can be dirty. The water may be dirty. Therefore the living beings there can also become dirty. Many sea creatures like to keep themselves clean and one of the cleanest animals among them is the dolphin.

Dolphins manage to clean themselves of dirt, or any other bacteria they may have accidentally picked up in dirty water.

10. Badger

Another one of the cleanest animals in the world is the badger. They are popularly known to keep themselves neat and clean.

They like to groom themselves and each other to stay clean. The adult teaches the little ones how to groom themselves.


We hope that you must have come to know from this post, what are the cleanest animals in the world. Apart from these listed animals, there are many more animals that maintain cleanliness to keep themselves clean.

We would love to know which is your favorite cleanest animal in the world. You can tell us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What Are The Cleanest Animals In The World?

There are many cleanest animals in the world. Here we have given a list of some cleanest animals: pigs, ants, rabbits, and Hamsters.

Q. Which is the cleanest animal in the world?

Pigs are considered the cleanest animals in the world.

Q. Why is the pig the neatest animal in the world?

Pigs are the neatest animals in the world. They never defecate or urinate in their eating and living space.

Q. What animals clean themselves the most?

The animals that clean themselves the most are pigs, ants, hamsters, polar bears, etc.

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